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HireMantra – A complete Recruitment Platform

June 1st, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Startup

One of the major indicators of an economy doing well is the low unemployment ratio. After a shocking recession, jobs are back in India with a bang. Every company is looking for talent in the market. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to source and recruit the right job applicants. What if you have a platform where you simply mention your job requirements and it automatically sources candidates from various channels, filters them and presents you with a highly qualified and relevant candidates? You would be dismissing that as a black magic..right?

Thanks to Hiremantra, it’s not black magic anymore, but a realistic platform available at affordable prices. Here’s what Hiremantra does.

Step 1: Hiremantra distributes your job opening to various job portals and social media such as monstre, naukri, timesjobs, linkedin and twitter. You post your requirement at one place, and the job openings are magically distributed to all the major job boards.

Step 2: Hiremantra, collects all the applications sourced from the respective job boards and consolidates it for you after de-duplicating.

Step 3: Hiremantra, analyzes and filters the incoming applications and resumes and categorizes them into high-match and low-match categories

Step 4: Hiremantra, also provides you an job application management platform from where you can perform you applicant management, interview scheduling, feedback etc.,

Step 5: The package starts at Rs. 980 per job opening.

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