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List of Top 10 Petroleum Producing nations

November 7th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Lists

Petrol Prices are the fastest rising commodity across the globe – and for a good reason. The demand for fuel is unabatedly growing while the supply is not keeping up with the demand. As far as India is concerned, we import petrol and have to face the brunt of rising crude oil cost! As of today, a litre of petrol costs around $1.5 in India. While most of the countries are facing the rising fuel costs, there are few countries in the world where you can get petrol for dirt cheap prices! Let’s have a look at them. In Venezuela, a litre of petrol costs Rs. 1.47 while it costs Rs. 74 in India!

Top 10 countries where petrol prices are cheapest

# Country Price per litre Proven Oil Reserves
1 Venezuela $0.03 297 billion barrels
2 Saudi Arabia $0.13 267 billion barrels
3 Libya $0.14 46.4 billion barrels
4 Turkmenistan $0.19  
5 Bahrain $0.21 40,000 barrels per day
6 Kuwait $0.22 104 billion barrels
7 Qatar $0.24 15 billion barrels
8 Egypt $0.30 18.3 billion barrels
9 Oman $0.32 5.5 billion barrels
10 Algeria $0.32 12.2 billion barrels
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