2008 Bollywood Movies

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141 Logo of U Tunes

U Tunes

uTunes Entertainment Private Limited is a fully integrated Entertainment Company incorporated under Indian companies Act 1956. uTunes is committed to provide quality music and will continue to do so in the music. uTunes proactively manages all of the...

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142 Logo of UploaderBOX


UploaderBOX has got all it takes to step on these shoes. This new file sharing service comes free of charge, and it enables people to upload files that can be as large as 1024 MB in just a couple of clicks, and from wherever they happen to be located...

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143 Logo of Sceneami


Sceneami is your online movie and tv-show library, shared with all your friends. Think of it as a way of keeping in touch with what your friends are enjoying on television or at the movies, and allowing them to do the same with your viewing experienc...

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144 Logo of Senthil Kumaran Theatres

  • Currently 5.00/5

Senthil Kumaran Theatres

Senthel Kumaran Theatre housed in a multiplex complex known as Ambal Complex is located right in the heart of Gandhipuram which is the nerve centre of Coimbatore City. The Complex has very easily accessible counters for current ticketing, advance boo...

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145 Logo of Albert Theatres

Albert Theatres

The Albert theatre complex with two theatres Albert and Baby albert was started on 24th Oct of 1984 by Mr.S.Albert, Managing Director of the theatre. Their auditotium is fully air-conditioned with the digital sound. Albert theatre is located in the h...

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146 Logo of Rakki Cinemas

Rakki Cinemas

Rakki Cinemas is Ambattur's Hottest Entertainment destination for People from all walks of life, across a wide age group and user profile .At any time of the year, Rakki Cinemas average about 60% occupancy at its 4 Screens....

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147 Logo of John Carter

John Carter

John Carter is a 2012 American science fiction action adventure film featuring John Carter, the heroic protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume Barsoom series. In the film, former Confederate captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is transported t...

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148 Logo of Drive


Drive is a crime drama directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and starring Ryan Gosling as the principal character, with Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and Albert Brooks. Although Drive shares several characteristics with the similarly-named 1978 Walter ...

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149 Logo of Filmaps


Filmaps is rapidly creating a crowd-powered database of filming locations around the world to cater to growing film tourism. Users can search by location or film title to bring up a Google Map that features location photos and videos from YouTube....

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150 Logo of Casmiro


Casmiro is for video producers, college film students, independent film makers, film hobbyists or anyone else that's curious or interested in generating revenue from their film work. Whether you have cool footage recorded from your iPhone, or a profe...

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