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71 Logo of Woodhead Publishing Limited

  • Currently 5.00/5

Woodhead Publishing Limited

Woodhead Publishing Limited is an independent international publishing company publishing in the areas of Food Science, Technology & Nutrition, Materials Engineering, Welding and Metallurgy, Textile Technology, Environmental Management and Finance, C...

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72 Logo of Cygnis Media

  • Currently 5.00/5

Cygnis Media

Cygnis Media - They are social media strategists; development, deployment and management specialists at the core. Web enthusiasts by nature, their team is always at the cutting edge of online trends and web-based community life....

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73 Logo of Cyberwit

  • Currently 4.86/5


Cyberwit publishes poems in English, some truly literary gems which might otherwise be unknown they publish Poetry Anthology and Literary Journal to enhance poetic sensibilities. It offers facilities like copy editing, typesetting services, designing...

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74 Logo of Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat Resort

  • Currently 4.80/5

Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat Resort

Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat Resorts Experience in hotels industry makes it to serve you the best comfort and delicious food. Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat Kausani (Uttarakhand) have successfully completed its 24 years of service in catering and resort...

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75 Logo of 2 Let Service

  • Currently 4.75/5

2 Let Service along with Real Estate Times are going beyond Simple Property News and Listings Websites, Blogs and Portals....

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76 Logo of uRead

  • Currently 4.67/5

uRead is an haven for a book lover on this planet Earth. It already has a collection of over 5 million titles and thousands being added every day. believes that every uReader should get a WOW effect visiting the site for either shopping...

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77 Logo of Hotel Uttarakhand

  • Currently 4.67/5

Hotel Uttarakhand

Hotel Uttarakhand is Kausanis premier hotel with an unrivalled view of the Himalaya. If you are searching for 1st class service, unmatched hospitality and views that have enthralled thousands of guest from all over India and the world then HOtel Utta...

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78 Logo of Hotel Pleasant Haveli

  • Currently 4.67/5

Hotel Pleasant Haveli

The Pleasant Haveli Hotel is a chilled oasis in the heart of the mystic Golden City of Thar Desert. It offers a world of modern comfort and traditional hospitality including all western standards....

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79 Logo of Jet Airways

  • Currently 4.52/5

Jet Airways

India\'s Finest International Airline
Jet Airways operates over 340 flights daily across 44 destinations within India and also operates flights to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Belgium & United States of America on one of the youngest and best maintaine...

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80 Logo of Advertisement

  • Currently 4.50/5


Advertisement is now recognized as one of the most innovative advertising agencies in the region with an impressive list of clients in the print, audio-visual and outdoor media....

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