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191 Logo of Atlanta Vineyard Church

Atlanta Vineyard Church

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192 Logo of Lovely Lane United Methodist Church

Lovely Lane United Methodist Church

Lovely Lane has been a beacon of hope on the corner of 22nd and Saint Paul Streets. Even more than the magnificence of the building with it's restoration, stories fill every corner and curve of the structure that offer a strong foundation. ...

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193 Logo of Mission Arlington  Mission Metroplex

Mission Arlington, Mission Metroplex

Taking Church to the people
Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex began in August of 1986, when it decided that if people couldnot come to the church, for whatever reason, it would take the church to them. Today people of all ages gather each week to hear the Bible taught in mult...

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194 Logo of Bethel AME Church

Bethel AME Church

The year is 1784. The Methodist Church in America officially had its beginning. There are more than 4,000 free black men and women in the Maryland colony. In the Baltimore area, many of our free ancestors that are Christians attend the Methodist meet...

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195 Logo of MCC Baltimore

MCC Baltimore

MCC Baltimore is an affiliated congregation of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches. Christian Church proclaiming God's love to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered communities and anyone who is willing to walk with us...

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196 Logo of Grace Church

Grace Church

Grace Church is located in San Diego, Acts 8 is one such story. The religious leaders, enraged at the Gospel of grace, drag Stephen to the edge of the city to stone him unto death. The whole community moves into mob violence. They persecute the churc...

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197 Logo of First Unitarian Universalist Church

First Unitarian Universalist Church

First Unitarian Universalist Church - Unitarian Universalists have a range of beliefs. Unitarian Universalists are noted for their openness to new ideas and a diversity of worship experiences. At First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio we ...

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198 Logo of Modesto Church of the Brethren

Modesto Church of the Brethren

Modesto Church - As a community centered in Jesus, we seek to grow through continuing the work of Jesus. We understand that work to include spiritual practices and friendships, service and justice, hospitality and invitation....

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199 Logo of Boston Avenue Church

Boston Avenue Church

The Boston Avenue United Methodist Church is a Christian community rich in history, vibrant in the present and enthusiastic about the future. The Boston Avenue Church is a part of God's family that celebrates the grace of God revealed in Christ Jesus...

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200 Logo of Fellowship of the Rockies

Fellowship of the Rockies

Fellowship of the Rockies is a contemporary evangelistic church that started almost 13 years ago and is totally committed to the people of the Pueblo community. Each week over 800 people participate in services and ministries....

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