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1 Logo of Otixo

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Otixo lets you access all your online files no matter where they are stored. Connect your Dropbox, multiple Google Docs accounts, your MobileMe account, company FTP accounts, (and many more) into one Finder-like web application. Whether you are on th...

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2 Logo of Standing Cloud

Standing Cloud

Standing Cloud is the easiest way to run applications anywhere in the cloud. Standing Cloud provides simple, yet powerful, services that make it fast and easy for you to run open source applications in the cloud. They allow you to focus on putting...

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3 Logo of Cloudways Limited

Cloudways Limited

Cloudways Limited founded in 2009 is a cloud application deployment, management and infrastructure management provider based in Malta....

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4 Logo of Digital Mines

Digital Mines

Digital Mines enables businesses take advantage of Cloud Computing by providing flexible Terms of Service, customisable and guaranteed Service Level Agreements and legally compliant solutions. The fully automated and instantly scalable service is ava...

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5 Logo of enStratus


As the leading cloud management platform for enterprise applications, enStratus delivers security and reliability for confidence in the cloud. enStratus currently supports both Amazon and Rackspace cloud infrastructures. They are serving over 100 cus...

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6 Logo of Scalr


Scalr is an open source web based cloud computing platform for managing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Scalr is a relatively small startup?17 so far?with grand ambitions to provide resources to the world?s applications....

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7 Logo of Client Fisher

Client Fisher

ClientFisher tunes the cloud applications and make it affordable for Small Businesses. Client Fisher - Its the era of cloud computing and cloud based applications. Enterprises are looking forward for the effective use of cloud resources to address th...

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8 Logo of Makara


Makara was founded by application deployment and management veterans that recognized the gap that exists between deployment and ongoing management of business-critical web applications in public, private, internal, and trusted clouds. They realized t...

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9 Logo of is a cloud application services provider. Available on multiple platforms and clouds, products eliminate the need to worry about managing and scaling infrastructure, letting developers focus on building great applications....

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10 Logo of Question Cloud

Question Cloud

Question Cloud is a web-based knowledge measurement tool built for anyone who cares about measuring understanding precisely. QCloud lets evaluators measure understanding at the concept level without software installation or grading hassles....

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