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1 Logo of AV Telecom

AV Telecom

AV Telecom is a well known company for India manufacturing & marketing of Telecom product and other electronics accessories. AV Telecom market & manufacture of these mobile accessories such as charger's D-C charger, Data Cable's, Batteries &...

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2 Logo of DSR Power

  • Currently 2.67/5

DSR Power

The Power of Choice
DSR Power - Formed in 2004, DSR Power is one of the Hyderabad, Indias leading gen set providers, with over 10 years experience. It has supplied hundreds of sets to companies and individuals throughout Andhra Pradesh and India. It specialise in Genera...

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3 Logo of Kingmax Technology Inc

Kingmax Technology Inc

KINGMAX Semiconductor Inc,a global memory technology leader, has long been committed to the innovation of the best memory module solutions. The KINGMAX brand of memory module products is highly recognized by IT hardware media and end users around the...

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4 Logo of Inter Batteries

Inter Batteries

Inter Batteries - They are a manufacturer representative and distributor of compatible batteries, especially of laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, power tools batteries, battery chargers and other accessories. The batter...

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5 Logo of Out Back Power

Out Back Power

OutBack Power Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Arlington, Washington and is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, back-up power and mobile applications. With an emphasis on ...

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6 Logo of Cell Talk

  • Currently 3.50/5

Cell Talk

CELLTALK is a well known brand in Mobile Phone Accessories industry. Celltalk is one of the best mobile phone charger in this segment. They are having Nationwide network of satisfied distributors and dealers which is growing every month....

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7 Logo of E Town International (HK) Limited

E Town International (HK) Limited

E Town International (HK) Limited is committed to addressing a wide range of business needs of its clients. Good cooperative arrangements with manufacturers such as HP,IBM and Cisco are a first step. Having an excellent working environment and infra...

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8 Logo of JOOS

  • Currently 5.00/5


Joos, Indias first mobile phone battery brand, is committed to keep you on the go, always! In its endeavour to deliver round the clock hi-performance, Joos brings the latest Lithium Ion Battery Technology that renders batteries sturdier, long lasting...

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9 Logo of Mophie


mophie is a California-based, award-winning designer and manufacturer of mobile intelligent devices and accessories. It is widely recognized and highly acclaimed for its creative designs and innovative solutions. Mophie was the proud developer of the...

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10 Logo of A R Industries

A R Industries

A.R.Industries involves in the manufacturing and supply of Electronic Products. They are one of the leading manufacturer in India. Their products are widely accepted throughout the country and the Overseas as well. The digital engineers at ARI create...

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