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1 Logo of Yoga Guru Suneel Singh

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Yoga Guru Suneel Singh

Newage yoga Guru Suneel Singh is a classic example of modernity and tradition. Suneel Singh is one of the first yoga guru in India, who cures his patients by using simple tools like Numerology Sign, Hasya Yoga and Yoga-Chi in order to treat them in a...

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2 Logo of Narayan Yoga

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Narayan Yoga

Narayan Yoga was founded by Dr Laxmi Narayan. Narayan Yoga is all in one i.e. the traditional ancient yogic healing technique, Prana Sancharan, Yoga therapy, Pranayama, Shatkarmas, naturopathy, Mudras, Bandhas. Narayan Yoga is a way of alternate ther...

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3 Logo of Omanand Yoga Ashram

Omanand Yoga Ashram

The Omanand Yoga Ashram serves two vital functions in the community.Increase spiritual awareness among people via meditation, yogasadhna, and vedic knowledge through education. Provide educational and medical services to underprivileged members of th...

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4 Logo of Yogahut  Tapovan Ashram

Yogahut, Tapovan Ashram

Tapovan literally means a clearing in the forest where Indian Sages practiced Yoga. The name symbolizes the aim which Yogi Pramod has been pursuing for many years. A desciple of Swami Rama and follower of teachings of Shri Aurobindo, his efforts have...

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5 Logo of Preksha Meditation

Preksha Meditation

Preksha Meditation was founded in 1975 by H.H. Acharya Mahapragya, is a path of self awakening and self realisation. It helps to connect with your soul at its most profound level, achieving a state of super consciousness and increased concentration. ...

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6 Logo of Arogyadham  Sevagram

Arogyadham, Sevagram

Arogyadham is a Traditional Health Care and Research project of Kasturba Health Society for promotion of positive health in addition to preventive and curative aspects of health care in Life Style Disorders with Naturopathy and Yoga with Nature Park ...

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7 Logo of SriMa School of Transformational Yoga

SriMa School of Transformational Yoga

Sri Swami Vidyanand is a renowned yoga master and the founder of Transformational Yoga , a new yogic system that synthesizes techniques of hatha, white tantra, raja, mantra, astanga and kundalini yoga to bring about rapid transformations in practitio...

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8 Logo of Yoga Niketan

Yoga Niketan

Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramahans was one of the greatest Yogis of the 20th century. He lived the life of extreme renunciation and austerity mostly in the Himalayas practicing all that is laid down in the scriptures for the realization of soul and God ...

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9 Logo of Yoga Darshan

Yoga Darshan

Yoga Darshan is a multifaceted organization involved in dissemination the wisdom of the ancient visionaries. It is imparting Social values among general public and maintain social harmony with establishment of culture and Spirituality in the Society....

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10 Logo of Phool Chatti Ashram

Phool Chatti Ashram

Rishikesh, Phool Chatti Ashram is a little slice of paradise Located on the banks of the Ganga River (Ganges) in the Himalayan foothills. Since 1977, Phool Chatti has been under the care and guidance of its present Swami Ji, Swami Dev Swarup Nanda Ji...

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