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1 Logo of Upto 75

  • Currently 4.77/5

Upto 75

Never Miss a sale!
UPto75 is the first deal site focusing on local retailer discount sale offers. Their aim is to be the most comprehensive online source of information for sales, discounts, promotions, and special events at stores.

Shoppers can insta...

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2 Logo of ZopNow Retail Private Limited

  • Currently 4.75/5

ZopNow Retail Private Limited

ZopNow Retail Private Limited is to help people save time with the hope that they can spend this 'saved time' on something more meaningful. A lighter version of our belief is to ...

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3 Logo of

  • Currently 4.67/5 is the first comprehensive online grocery store in Bangalore. delivers, all that you would find at any leading grocery supermarket in the city, to your home. With over 6,000 products, such as Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, S...

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4 Logo of Kitchen Xpress Overseas

  • Currently 3.00/5

Kitchen Xpress Overseas

Kitchen Xpress Overseas Ltd have spanned the globe since past 40 years. Our humble start with a traditional grinding mill was just the first step towards our speeding success. Our product range has increased multiple folds over the past years that ha...

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5 Logo of Ramdev Food Products

  • Currently 3.00/5

Ramdev Food Products

Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has world class infrastructure to meet high standard requirements of global market. State-of-the-art technology shines through the finest machinery having cleaning and processing capacity of more than 60,000 kg. per day...

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6 Logo of Chennai Shoppie

  • Currently 2.00/5

Chennai Shoppie

Chennai Shoppie - They are localized---meaning we cater to the product requirements specific to Chennai folks. As they are localized and one among you, they understand your needs a lot better than most other national/international online vendors do...

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7 Logo of Unisoft Accounting Services

  • Currently 1.50/5

Unisoft Accounting Services

Unisoft Accounting Services is managed by a group of professionals who are knit together to provide quality data processing, Bookkeeping and accounting Services. Unisoft Accounting Services is a Division of Unisoft Datatech which is in operation for ...

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8 Logo of

Yummy Meals Everyday
Heads up foodies, there's another tasty morsel of a website in town. It's called Tasty Planner and it deals in much yummy-ness. It's a site for sharing tried and true recipes that you love. It's fairly comprehensive---recipes can be searched by keyw...

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9 Logo of Greeny Tails

Greeny Tails

GreenyTails is an online business enabler for store owners and individuals who aspire to start and own an online business store of products like: groceries, vegetables, fruits, cakes, flowers etc....

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10 Logo of
http://www.chennaionlinegrocer, launched five years ago currently serving to thousands of customers. They are the part of highly esteemed Online shopping company,, providing online shopping platform for Sarees, Salwars, Mens Clothing and K...

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