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1 Logo of Seagram

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Seagram's Royal Stag

Seagram?s Gin has been made to the same original recipe with authentic Mediterranean herbs such as juniper, coriander and caraway seeds. Because it is aged in oak barrels the result is a gin that is uniquely mellow and distinctively dry. Affectionat...

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2 Logo of Lords Chloro Alkali Limited

Lords Chloro Alkali Limited

LCAL has built sophisticated manufacturing facilities at Alwar (Rajasthan), having locational advantage in chloro-alkali deficit region. A well integrated Caustic-Soda Plant is presently upgraded to 100 t.p.d. Laden, with a production potential to ta...

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3 Logo of SSP Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Plants

SSP Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Plants

SSP started providing solutions for Industrial effluent treatment plants as a part of large projects executed and has commendable achievements in manufacturing dairy processing machinery, food processing machinery and chemical equipments. Company acq...

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4 Logo of iDrink


The iDrink database is a quick and easy reference tool for mixing drinks for you and your guests. We have a database of over 14800 mixed drinks and cocktails. We have everything from traditional favourites to the latest trendy concoctions, and we can...

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5 Logo of Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark is a premium blended Scotch whisky, therefore does not have its own distillery.Cutty Sark was the first light coloured whisky of exceptional quality. ...

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6 Logo of Douglas Laing and Co

Douglas Laing and Co

Glasgow-based Douglas Laing & Co are independent bottlers and blenders headed by brothers, Fred and Stewart Laing, who proved the value of nepotism when they succeeded their father, Fred Douglas who founded the company in 1948. ...

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7 Logo of Glengoyne


Glengoyne is one of the leading premium malt whiskies in the world. An award winning malt, its the product of an unconventional process, remarkable ingredients and the pride and passion of its people....

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8 Logo of Ian Macleod Distillers

Ian Macleod Distillers

Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd, one of the largest and most widely respected independent family companies within the spirits industry. Our aim is to offer our customers a choice of top quality spirit brands. We are therefore investing in our portfolio to...

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9 Logo of Global Whisky Shop

Global Whisky Shop

The Global Whisky Shop are delighted to bring you a fine selection of single malt scotch whisky from Scotland, for you to buy as a gift or for your own pleasure. We deliver our malt whiskies, gift wrapped, anywhere in the world it is permitted to do ...

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10 Logo of Whyte and Mackay

  • Currently 5.00/5

Whyte and Mackay

Whyte & Mackay has remained true to itself and its founders James Whyte and Charles Mackays pioneering spirit for over 160 years. Today, when the traditional masculine values of pride, integrity and style are often forfeited in favour of profit, exp...

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