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1 Logo of T News

  • Currently 3.67/5

T News

T News is a Telugu news television channel. The channel focuses exclusively on news, events, and culture of the Telangana region of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.The channel brings up history,self respect of Telangana....

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2 Logo of NTV Telugu

  • Currently 3.65/5

NTV Telugu

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3 Logo of TV9 Telugu News

  • Currently 3.52/5

TV9 Telugu News

TV9 the first 24 hours Telugu news channel in Andhra Pradesh was a revolution in the field of regional channel business. With the launch of TV9 the viewership for news on TV channels in AP witnessed an unprecedented increase and the competion continu...

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4 Logo of Sakshi TV

  • Currently 3.50/5

Sakshi TV

Sakshi TV is a Telugu news television channel. It belongs to Sakshi group. This media group is working under the name Indira Television. Its hails its pride by establishing first high definition channel. It is the first & only HD News channel in Asia...

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5 Logo of ETV 2

  • Currently 3.50/5


ETV-2, the exclusive news and information channel for Andhra Pradesh, takes a holistic approach towards news with features that aim to inform and educate. It provides comprehensive, in-depth news with a regional focus....

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6 Logo of Maa TV

  • Currently 3.45/5

Maa TV

Enjoy the difference
Embodied by our Name - "MAA" in Telugu meaning -"OURs" ... " to become the very own of, by benefiting in all spheres?all connected Publics through Excellence inEntertainment ".Technical excellence , Fun filled Programming with Contemporary relevance ...

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7 Logo of HMTV

  • Currently 3.20/5


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8 Logo of Eenadu TV

  • Currently 3.08/5

Eenadu TV

ETV Telugu, a popular Telugu satellite channel, is the unchallenged numero uno from the day it was launched. Its success can be attributed to well made programmes that provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family....

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9 Logo of Gemini TV

  • Currently 3.05/5

Gemini TV

Gemini TV is a Telugu language Indian Television channel offered by Sun Network. The channels programming includes serials, films,interactive film-based programs, game shows and News....

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10 Logo of ETV Network

  • Currently 2.78/5

ETV Network

ETV Network, bouquet of 12 regional channels are source of rich infotainment to audiences in the language of their choice. It is this spirit of empathy with individual cultures/languages that has helped ETV to reach millions of viewers....

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