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Great Innovus Solutions

Great Innovus offers a wide variety of services to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing you professional, creative, usable, modern and quality solutions across mobile, web, social networks and graphics....

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Vote for the Best Instructions
Usynk uses the Pligg CMS, which is better known as Digg cloned. Users submit items, news stories, articles, whatever, and they vote; top items get front page coverage, the rest sinks down and is forgotten. Usynk is giving us a somewhat different ta...

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Spreading the Good News Pligg Style
Here's something to lift your spirits: GooDiggNews. It's like Digg on Prozac. Only good news, stories of the heart, saved babies, adorable pets, etc. are showcased for your pleasure. This is stuff meant to cheer you up and keep your spirits high--...

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Pligg-Based Bargain Site
You get to run the show on DealShouter. This bargain and deals site is based on Pligg---users like you submit coupons, deals, rebates, etc. The community as a whole then votes for their favorite buys; the worst deals get buried. Picks are sorted by...

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5 Logo of Wine Life Today

Wine Life Today

Wine Life Today is a blogger driven wine news site. On Wine Life Today, bloggers and readers submit stories for review, but rather than allowing an editor to decide which stories are worthy of frontpage attention, the users do....

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