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1 Logo of Mobisy

  • Currently 5.00/5


Mobisy is a mobile phone application development platform with which application developers, device manufacturers and operators can easily develop and deploy new breed of applications with Web 2.0 features....

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2 Logo of Value First

  • Currently 2.50/5

Value First

Always Value First
ValueFirst is a Virtual mobile network operator. What they do is connect their mobility platform to different mobile operators, which helps enable enterprises to mobilize their workforce and also providing an ERP / CRM system for the customer. They...

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3 Logo of Wizdom

  • Currently 1.00/5


Adaptive learning Programs for GRE on your mobile phone. connects you to an expert Teacher and an understanding Student Facilitator, to deliver Adaptive Learning to your Mobile phone or PC., has an experienced, world class team of teachers, authors and subject experts in English Langua...

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4 Logo of Mocodile

  • Currently 1.00/5



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5 Logo of SpinAxys Solutions

  • Currently 1.00/5

SpinAxys Solutions

Spinaxys Solutions is a technology design house based out of Hyderabad, India. Our main area of focus is application development for technology product companies in the domains of computer graphics, computer vision, networks and enterprise management...

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6 Logo of Mobicule Technologies

Mobicule Technologies

Mobicule Technologies - They harness the power of mobile computing to create applications for mobiles phones. Advantage Businesses : real-time information on the move for executives....

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7 Logo of Biz Frame

Biz Frame

The Bizframe Mobile Inspector software helps mobile users send instant reports from the field. Whether conducting surveys, assessment or quality compliance inspections, the Bizframe mobile inspector significantly improves worker productivity by strea...

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8 Logo of Wirkle


Empowering Mobile Technologies of the Future
Mirage is a mobile service delivery platform, with support for multi-media content that can be used to build applications of any sort, ranging from ERP solutions, to Social Networking services and can be deployed with almost no change to be done on...

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9 Logo of WIFIN Technologies

WIFIN Technologies

Powering the world of Finance.
Wifin?s product Mobistream offers live, streaming market information on mobile devices and PDAs with secure trading capability. We would like to see this product, which we believe is easily the most elegant, feature rich and optimized, as the most ...

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10 Logo of Panini Keypad

Panini Keypad

Panini is a new multilingual Keypad system for India supporting 11 languages of India on the Mobile phone. Luna Ergonomics Private Limited - a spinout from the startup myMobile Phone is based out of JSS Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park at No...

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