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1 Logo of Jagran Channel

  • Currently 3.00/5

Jagran Channel

Zee Jagran, launched on January 2004, was Zee Telefilms Limited?s foray into the spiritual and religious entertainment genre, aimed at awakening people to realize the spiritual aspects in their life and hence enriching lives. A 24 hour socio-spiritua...

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2 Logo of Lux


Lux is a range of skin cleansing products enriched with skincare ingredients and Personal in the body wash and shower gel ranges are 100% soap free....

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3 Logo of Cinthol Lime Fresh

  • Currently 2.00/5

Cinthol Lime Fresh

Cinthol Lime Fresh - Provides deep cleansing along with active freshness and vitality. This makes for an invigorating bath that kick starts and gets you ready for the day. The soap has an excellent long-lasting lime fragrance that keeps you feeling f...

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4 Logo of Fa


Experience Pure Freshness!
Fa is the best selling line of bath and shower products in Europe and in Canada, with a yearly European. Cosmetic Imports Marketing Group and Schwartzkopf & Henkel are jointly committed to continue the Fa brand to its maximal potential....

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5 Logo of Dettol Soap

  • Currently 2.33/5

Dettol Soap

Dettol soap has three variants in the market available nationally - Dettol Original, Dettol Skincare and Dettol Cool. New and Improved Dettol Original Soap is specially formulated for everyday use. Dettol Original Soap is 10 times better at fighting ...

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6 Logo of Lifebuoy


?Lifebuoy? Soap, the exquisite fragrance of Pears ?Vinolia? TITANIC Luxury bath soap, and the favorite appeal of Pears ?Original Pure Transparent Soap? and find them a refreshing alternative to today's strongly perfumed soaps. ...

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7 Logo of Lux International

  • Currently 5.00/5

Lux International

Lux, the business concept of promoting high quality and unique products directly to the end-user. Constantly develop innovative products of the highest standards and providing the best products for a safe and healthy living ...

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8 Logo of Pears

  • Currently 3.00/5


Pears ? a gentle and natural way to attain healthy looking skin. Pears contain high quality ingredients like glycerin and natural oils. Pears are specially made to take care of even sensitive and delicate skin. Pears are hypoallergenic....

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9 Logo of Santoor White

  • Currently 3.29/5

Santoor White

Santoor is the flagship brand in the Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting stable and the 2nd largest brand of soap in India in the popular segment of the category. It is a truly unique soap that combines the goodness of natural ingredients - Sandal, Turmer...

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10 Logo of Jjhoom India

Jjhoom India

Jjhoom India is a musical reality show wherein a screen celebrity will be paired with a professional singer, and the duo will match their vocal ability against nine other similarly composed teams. It provides Actors Picture Gallery, Actresses Pictur...

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