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1 Logo of Aberdeen University Students\

Aberdeen University Students' Association

Aberdeen University Students' Association in the University of Aberdeen, one of the four ancient universities of Scotland. It organises recreational activities, provides welfare and employment services for students, promotes equality and diversity o...

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2 Logo of Aston Students\

Aston Students'

Aston Students' Guild we are here to provide you with information, advice and representation so that our student life at Aston is as enjoyable and productive as possible. ...

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3 Logo of Bangor


The Students Union at Bangor is the ideal setting to relax, get involved in activities and make new friends. The building is conveniently located between the student village of Upper Bangor and the city centre and just a short walk from the halls. ...

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4 Logo of Bath


The Academic, Welfare, Advice and Representation (AWARE) centre offers support to all students at the University of Bath. Whether its academic issues, problems with housing; support tackling personal, health or disability issues, or looking for FREE ...

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5 Logo of Bath Spa University Students Union

Bath Spa University Students Union 

Bath Spa University Students Union - The one thing that many of you always asks is what the Students' Union actually does. Like many other Unions, are role is to support and represent the students, whether that be to the University, the Council, or t...

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6 Logo of BCSU


Making life better for students at Bucks
BCSU takes responsibility for its past failings and will become truly representative of its members, which we will achieve through two way engagement. We will challenge students to become more involved with us. We will remove the barriers to particip...

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7 Logo of Student Accommodation UK

Student Accommodation UK is the World No.1 Student Accommodation Search Engine. It aim is to help you find the best student accommodation available within the least amount of time. It provide a fully searchable database so that you can retrieve d...

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8 Logo of Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln

Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln is a university college in Lincoln, England. The College is a provider of higher education by degree and initial teacher training. Until acquiring university college status in 2006, the University of Leic...

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9 Logo of Student Computers UK

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Student Computers UK

Communication4 Ltd is a relatively small company of just 5+ staff, specialising in supplying the most competitively priced, high-quality refurbished laptops in the UK. It has been doing this for years now and know what are customers require, both in ...

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10 Logo of Student Flights

Student Flights

At Student Flights you can book all your travel arrangements and have the advantage of choosing from many specially reduced airfares and other products throughout the year. Offers are available even during the vacation, so you can book whatever you n...

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