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1 Logo of Megastar Astrology Centre

Megastar Astrology Centre

Astrology and treatment based on Astrological remedies became very popular in South India due to Dr. Nair?s efforts....

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2 Logo of Pvt. Ltd.

  • Currently 3.50/5 Pvt. Ltd. Private Limited offers end-to-end Vedic Astrology services. The company specializes in providing cost-effective astrological and Vedic solutions and remedies using their E-Commerce website, Order Processing and Service Product Delivery D...

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3 Logo of Shrikamna Astro & Vastu

  • Currently 1.00/5

Shrikamna Astro & Vastu

Astrology - If you want to know about your future this site offers you lifetime predictions on the basis of your horoscope chart erected with the help of your date time and place of birth. Vastu Shastra- is a very old Indian science of Architecture....

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4 Logo of Bhargavi Astrological Centre

Bhargavi Astrological Centre

Bhargavi Astrological Centre, are engaged in offering a comprehensive prediction and stargazing services that include - astrology, numerology, palmistry, vaastu consultancy, etc. In todays complexed lifestyle, it strive to understand our clients prob...

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5 Logo of Vedanga Jyotisha

Vedanga Jyotisha

Vedanga Jyotisha Vidya Prathishsthan is a registered institute, members of this institute are working in occult field since past 10 years. Our institute is teaching and giving consultation is Astrology, Numerology, vastushashtra or palmistry. ...

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6 Logo of Cosmic Synergy

Cosmic Synergy

Cosmic Synergy offers its unique expertise in astrological consultancies and personal life predictions. It is a non-commercial research forum with an objective to establish vedic truths which is codified in vedas and ancient scriptures in the form of...

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7 Logo of Saroja Ramann

Saroja Ramann

Saroja Raman is one of the expert astrological consultants in Chennai, having expertise and skills inherited from her forefathers. Saroja Raman Astrologer offer a broad gamut of consultancy services relating to astrology, graphology, palmistry, numer...

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8 Logo of Sachin Madhukar Paranjpe

  • Currently 1.00/5

Sachin Madhukar Paranjpe

Sachin Madhukar Paranjpe was really fascinated and drawn towards subjects like Indian Philosophy, Indian Astrology, Occult Science and Mantra Shastra. I also have an experimental attitude towards life, so I don?t accept things on the face value. ...

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9 Logo of The Hermit\

  • Currently 1.00/5

The Hermit's Hut of Vedic Astrology

Know your future
The Hermit's Hut of Vedic Astrology is an association of renowned and leading sages who are devoted by their holy work to eradicate the human being problems through their vast and divine knowledge of the Astrology. Through their divine prayers, its s...

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10 Logo of Astrology India

Astrology India

Astrology India is a site that is started to spread the information regarding Astrology all over the world. Astrology is an excellent combination of art, science and craft. Astrology will be familiar only after through reading and analyzing....

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