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11 Logo of HumanForSale.com


Fun Online Survey
Have you started using facebook a lot and you would like to try and take a fun and interesting survey? Would you like to know how much money you are worth? In that case, enter humanforsale.com because this web site has a great deal of fun in store fo...

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12 Logo of Myfaceid.com


Find Faces Online
Haven?t we all used the application that employs face recognition technology to compare our faces with those of celebrities? MyFaceID takes this search a bit closer to home. The technology allows users to search within the MyFaceID database for oth...

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13 Logo of Bokayme.com

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Send Digital Flowers to Your Friends
BokayMe.com is a service where users can create their own digital bokay to send to their friends and loved ones. BokayMe.com is easy to use once you have registered and have an account you can begin. Choose the vase you want and then choose the flowe...

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14 Logo of CareSquare.com


Find Trusted Caregivers
Finding a babysitter seems like it would be easy, but it is actually one of the most important decisions you will be making. Deciding who will care for your children should be a well thought out decision not one that is done in haste. CareSquare.com ...

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15 Logo of www.melsam.com outsync


Syncs Facebook, Outlook
OutSync has a very specific aim: to sync up photos between Facebook and Outlook. It?s perfect for those who like looking and organizing their contacts by photos, or for simply remembering who?s who. Also, ideal for mobile devices as you can actual ...

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16 Logo of Hypster.com


MySpace & Facebook Music Enhancement
Are you a MySpace lover? Do you want to have the best MySpage web site featuring tons of different kinds of music and playlists? Then you might want to check out this site and see what it has to offer because it might be what you are looking for. Thi...

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17 Logo of Apps.facebook.com thesearemykids welcome


Your Kids
Want to show off your kids? Do it with These Are My Kids. It?s a Facebook application that lets you share pictures of your children and write about everything going on in their lives and make periodical updates. These Are My Kids lets you make boo...

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18 Logo of TheCollegeLife.com


Another Facebook
The College Life is a social network dedicated to college students. Created by a college student, the site is trying to be what Facebook could have been if it hadn?t opened itself to everyone and their friends. TheCollegeLife focuses exclusively on...

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19 Logo of Zynga


Bringing Great Games to Your Social Network
Zynga is a company that creates games that can be played on Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, and meebo, with aspirations to expand its operations to more social networking sites. Some if its most popular games include Texas Hold ?Em Poker and Blackjack. ...

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20 Logo of BlogFuse.com


Let Facebook Work for You
So Facebook allowed third party apps late last year. It was fun. ?Superpoke ?is great, ?Where I?ve Been? is cool to show off, and all in all the third party apps make it a little MySpace-y but not so overwhelming. It?s all fun and games, right? But ...

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